We’re on a BOAT! Bhagwan Dryden in Eden

Pro-Diving Services technician, Jack Toy, has just returned from Snug Cove in Eden, having just serviced compressors for Bagwhan Marine.

Dedicated to the job, above and beyond the call of duty, Jack demonstrates his skill and flexibility in completing the tasks at hand…

The Bhagwan Dryden, a 57m ROV and air dive support vessel, has 2 compressors onboard. Both machines use 100% oxygen compatible MCG-1011 RP oil and provide breathing air and nitrox. The vessel also has two hyperbaric chambers, with the port side area dedicated to ROV operation . Jack also assures us the food is very good! #theimportantthings

Pro-Diving Services regularly provide infield support and service to IMCA standards, including gauge calibration and pressure valve settings. How can we help your business? Contact us!


Cylinder Packages & ISO Updates

Until the end of March (or when existing stock has been sold) Pro-Diving Services are offering the following 2 cylinder package:

  • 1 x Luxfer 40 cf brushed alloy cylinder with combo valve and,
  •  1 x Luxfer 80 cf brushed alloy cylinder with combo valve (OR Spirotek 80 cf brushed alloy cylinder with combo valve)

Prices on request. Freight is additional, however customers picking up directly from our facility will receive initial complimentary air fills or Nitrox fills up to 40%.




Pro-Diving Services have recently updated their Quality Management certification from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015 during their recent audit. The team is feeling very pleased with themselves!

*insert gold stars & pats on the back*

Good job team!

Second Hand Specials

keep-calm-and-buy-second-handWATCH THIS SPACE!

During the first week of March, Pro-Diving Services will be selling second hand items including;

    * valves and fittings

    * SCUBA cylinders

    * regulators


Note it in your diary and stay tuned!





Voyager IV Plus has landed…

The latest Voyager IV Plus is sitting at our Pro-Diving Services facility, ready to be shipped to a Western Australian aquaculture company.

This is a high output air and nitrox system we have customised; increasing output capacity by 20% and reducing nitrox production to a maximum of 36% to meet our customer’s requirements.

The system comes fitted out with CO2 scrubbers and CO2/O2 analysers, incorporates improved cooling and noise reduction and improved accessibility for easy servicing.

The new owners will undergo instruction in operation and general maintenance procedures at the Pro-Diving Services facility.

The Voyager IV has proven to be a “workhorse” system, providing high pressure air and high pressure nitrox. This system is of great benefit to commercial operators and dive shops. Click here to see our full range of compressors.


2018 Compressor Deals

Pro-Diving Services will be releasing a number of pre-owned HP air compressors in January 2018. Ranging in size, from 7CFM to 22CFM, we will have electric, diesel and petrol units available.

All units will undergo pre-delivery and service checks and come with a 6 month warranty ex-works the Pro-Diving Services facility in Banksmeadow.


Can’t wait until next year? Need a compressor NOW? Give us a call and we can let you know what we have available.

Spot the Nitrox Compressor!

Where do you put a Nitrox Compressor when you have no where to put it?

Can you believe this Nuvair Voyager I compressor has been in operation since 2005? Supplying Nitrox for aquaculture diving in Australia, this machine sits on the operator’s mother ship, refilling storage cylinders with Nitrox mixes up to 40%.

Pro-Diving Services have many Voyager compressors operating throughout Australia and internationally in dive shops, commercial Continue reading

Safe Cylinder Fills

Protect yourself and your staff should a cylinder failure occur.

Pro-Diving Services sell and service Nuvair Containment Cabinets. The cabinets can be used with existing fill controls and fill lines. Other models incorporate a built-in fill panel if preferred.






All steel construction with grade 8 steel structural hardware, the containment cabinets can fill one to four cylinders at a time and are designed to fit a range of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders sizes. The cylinder pockets are also lined to protect cylinder paint and reduce wear.

Other optional features include: Continue reading

All Geared Up For Commercial Diving

Pro Diving Services will be offering commercial diving rental equipment.

Gear for hire will include;

  • hyperbaric chamber
  • low pressure compressor
  • high pressure compressor
  • nitrox system
  • diver comms
  • lift bags
  • diving helmets
  • band masks
  • umbilicals
  • assorted tools

Pro Diving Services are phasing in this new service over the next few months with a limited supply available until the end of 2017, and a comprehensive range at the start of 2018.

Queries? Click here to contact us directly