2018 Compressor Deals

Pro-Diving Services will be releasing a number of pre-owned HP air compressors in January 2018. Ranging in size, from 7CFM to 22CFM, we will have electric, diesel and petrol units available.

All units will undergo pre-delivery and service checks and come with a 6 month warranty ex-works the Pro-Diving Services facility in Banksmeadow.


Can’t wait until next year? Need a compressor NOW? Give us a call and we can let you know what we have available.


Spot the Nitrox Compressor!

Where do you put a Nitrox Compressor when you have no where to put it?

Can you believe this Nuvair Voyager I compressor has been in operation since 2005? Supplying Nitrox for aquaculture diving in Australia, this machine sits on the operator’s mother ship, refilling storage cylinders with Nitrox mixes up to 40%.

Pro-Diving Services have many Voyager compressors operating throughout Australia and internationally in dive shops, commercial Continue reading

Safe Cylinder Fills

Protect yourself and your staff should a cylinder failure occur.

Pro-Diving Services sell and service Nuvair Containment Cabinets. The cabinets can be used with existing fill controls and fill lines. Other models incorporate a built-in fill panel if preferred.






All steel construction with grade 8 steel structural hardware, the containment cabinets can fill one to four cylinders at a time and are designed to fit a range of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders sizes. The cylinder pockets are also lined to protect cylinder paint and reduce wear.

Other optional features include: Continue reading

All Geared Up For Commercial Diving

Pro Diving Services will be offering commercial diving rental equipment.

Gear for hire will include;

  • hyperbaric chamber
  • low pressure compressor
  • high pressure compressor
  • nitrox system
  • diver comms
  • lift bags
  • diving helmets
  • band masks
  • umbilicals
  • assorted tools

Pro Diving Services are phasing in this new service over the next few months with a limited supply available until the end of 2017, and a comprehensive range at the start of 2018.

Queries? Click here to contact us directly

Chamber Operator Course… Looking for a New Career?

Pro-Diving Services, in conjunction with Professional Diving Services, offer the ADAS Chamber Operator Course in Sydney.

The Chamber Operator course is a stand-alone program for divers or non-divers. The program includes the operation and maintenance of decompression chambers.

Divers are certified after successfully undertaking the 5 day program. Non-divers may also be certified as an ADAS Chamber Operator following a minimum of 8 days of training. 3 day refresher courses are also available.

Continue reading

Mullies Custom Fit-out

The team at Pro-Diving Services have been working overtime on a custom built trailer for Mullies Underwater Services. Our technicians have installed a custom fit-out with high pressure air banks.

Pro-Diving Services specialise in container and trailer fit-outs for the commercial diving industry as well as industrial and law enforcement agencies.

Our technical team can assist in lay-out design and functions of any systems required. Systems can be constructed for various gas applications such as Air, Nitrox, Oxygen and/or Trimix.




Voyager I Nitrox Compressor

Lisa and Aaron Ralph, owners of Pro Dive in Lord Howe Island, are looking forward to a new addition to their life in paradise: a Nuvair Voyager I Nitrox System!

Divers can now complete their Nitrox Certification training during their visit and enjoy all the spectacular diving Lord Howe offers with longer bottom times.

Aaron will be completing 2 days of training with us in the safe use and maintenance of the system, and Lisa was recently in Sydney at the 2017 OZtek Conference and Exhibition, with their Voyager unit on display at our Pro-Diving Services stand.

The Voyager I is a medium sized Nitrox system that allows you to use either air or Nitrox (with 40% Nitrox capability). It’s one of the “workhorse” Nitrox compressors in the industry, fitted with high quality filtrate, dual O2 analysers, a CO2 scrubber and a CO2 analyser. Continue reading

Faulty Drills


Pro-Diving Services were appointed as distributors for Nemo’s Underwater Drills.

We believe these drills were not correctly pressure tested prior to leaving the Nemo factory as we’ve experienced an approximately

40% Failure Rate

Issues include (but aren’t limited to): O-rings incorrectly fitted to battery packs resulting in flooding, drills flooding, chucks seizing, drive shaft seizing and trigger control malfunction.

Nemo Underwater drill

Pro-Diving Services have received many emails from disappointed customers who have been left in strife on work sites with drills failing.

Not only have we replaced faulty drills we’ve sold , we’ve also replaced drills sold directly by Nemo on their behalf (at their request), and been left with 20 faulty drills and a number of faulty battery packs.

20161208_100011Pro-Diving Services will no longer be stocking Nemo products.